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It's been a good night full of good friends, good laughs and good drinks but the bar is closing and it’s time to head home. You've had several drinks but decide that you feel OK to drive and head home. Before you know it you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror and realize that what was a good night has just gone bad. If you ever find yourself in the position of being pulled over for a suspected DUI here are a few simple rules to remember.

1) Be Polite to the Officer: Be polite when the officer approaches your vehicle and throughout your interaction with the officer. It has never paid to be rude to an officer. Remember though that being polite to the officer is different than agreeing with everything the officer asks you to do. You are required to produce a license and insurance for the officer but that is where your obligation to cooperate ends.

2) Standardized Field Sobriety Tests: We have all seen people pulled over on the side of the road for suspected DUIs doing tests such as walking a straight line and standing on one foot. These tests are called standardized field sobriety tests and are used to help determine whether someone is driving under the influence. You are under no obligation to submit to these tests and should refuse the officers request to participate in these tests. NEVER submit to field sobriety tests, it will not help you out.

3) Breath/Blood Test: If after being pulled over for a suspected DUI the officer arrests you for suspicion of DUI, they will read you the Oklahoma Implied Consent Law and will ask you to submit to either a breath or blood test. In Oklahoma you have the right to refuse to take the state’s test, either breath or blood, but there are consequences for a refusal, specifically the revocation of your license. As DUI lawyers we are asked all the time whether it is good to submit to a breath tests and the short answer is probably not. As mentioned before if you refuse the test DPS will take immediate steps to revoke for license but if you do submit to the test and register above .08 then the state’s case against you for DUI is that much stronger. Bottom line, do what you feel is right for you but if you have been drinking a significant amount, submitting to a breath or blood test is probably a bad idea.

4) Right to Remain Silent: You have the Right to Remain Silent, USE IT. Do not answer questions such as how much have you been drinking or when did you start drinking. These question are designed to incriminate you not to help you out. Although the office may seem nice and sincere in his want to help you out that is not his objective, his objective is to build case that will result in a conviction.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, APC, or DWI contact Stephen Lee and Mark Cagle, The DUI Defenders 918-582-7223, immediately to insure that you get the best DUI defense available.